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5 California Natural Hot Springs You Should Visit

Are you looking for a relaxing place to unwind in California? Try dipping and soaking in your choice of natural geothermal hot springs. Soothe your mind and body as you relax in hot water and get lovely spa treatments. You can also enjoy a mud bath while you're at it. Discover some of the soak-worthy springs that you should visit while you're in California.

Vichy Springs Resort, Ukiah

It's only a two-hour drive from San Francisco to visit Vichy Springs Resort, Ukiah. This nearly 165-year-old geothermal spring consists of the same carbon dioxide-rich contents as those in Vichy, France. It has a pool with a perfect 40°C temperature that is beneficial for your body. You can also dive in their Olympic-size pool or soak in the 32°C carbonated mineral baths. If one of your companions does not enjoy staying in hot water, they also have a chilly collection, Chemical Falls, to cool off.

Wilbur Hot Springs, Williams

If you are in Clearlake, you should visit the Wilbur Hot Springs with natural hot mineral springs and a 1,800-acre nature reserve. You can enjoy the 43°C water temperature in a Japanese-style "flumarium," with long flumes having an average temperature of 37°C and 43°C. As the water flows consistently, you don't need any chemicals to make it beneficial. You can reserve a hotel room, bunk room, or cabin to rest after a nice bath. When staying in Wilbur, you can't help but anticipate the gurgling Fountain of Life geyser eruption every 45 minutes.

Sierra Hot Springs Resort & Retreat Center, Sierraville

Some of us enjoy privacy, and if you are one of them, then Sierra Hot Springs Resort and Retreat Center is for you. This 700-acre resort has hot mineral water flowing into private tubs and pools with an average temperature of 29.5°C to 43°C. They have the hottest collection within the large geodesic dome with skylights and stained glass. It also has a sand-bottomed meditation pool where you can stay when you feel like stargazing. They also offer various types of massage treatments that you can try, including the popular Watsu water massage. You can book a room in their historic lodge or pitch your tent to enjoy nature in this beautiful setting.

Indian Springs Resort and Spa, Calistoga

You don't want to miss soaking in the Indian Springs Resort and Spa. It is one of the oldest mineral water emporiums in Calistoga and has been offering detoxifying treatments since its foundation in 1861. Indulge yourself with their signature mud bath and submerge in a neck-deep warm mud which consists of volcanic ashes. You can also try to dive in their Olympic-size mineral-water pool and satisfy yourself with their mouth-watering cuisine in Sam's Social Club Restaurant.

The Spring Resort and Spa, Desert Hot Springs

Visit Coachella Valley Town and enjoy the crystal-clear water that will help you relax your body and mind. It has three mineral pools that are famous for their smooth-as-silk aqua pura. Many guests book in advance to get a spot in one of the nine rooms by the pool and enjoy the intimate sceneries. Make sure to experience the Finnish sauna or full-body salt scrub and feel like a newborn.


Finding time to relax is essential, and one of the best ways to treat yourself is by indulging in a soak in a natural hot spring. However, safety is always needed. If you are a hot spring resort owner or plan to own one, make sure to use watertight access doors to protect your building components. Contact us at California Access Doors, and our product specialists will help you choose the best panels for your hot springs resort.

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